Kamal Gardens is a non-profit organization, founded in the
year 2006. The word Kamal originated from the Arabic language, which means perfection, and this summarizes the vision and goal of the Gardens; that is seeing them as perfect souls who deserve a perfect living.
The purpose of Kamal Gardens is to provide a job opportunity for special adults, and involve them in the society, through interactive activities and events within the project or via a third party. It offers a spring, summer and fall time job for special adults, from the month of May till December. They perform agricultural activities outdoor as well as hand crafts, and receive a simple pay check at the end of each month.
The approach used has not only been task oriented, but psychological and social as well. We undertake activities either on one-on-one or group basis. Our focus is on certain traits, behaviours and approaches, which eventually lead to an increase in psychological as well as social development. The reason behind this approach is to expand the horizons of the special adults, to endure wider aspects of the society, and gain enough experience to prepare them for the industrial world.



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