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Letter of Highway jordan

My name is Dr. Ghassan Odeh Hattar, president of Highway, a non-profit company located in the Middle East; specifically, Amman Jordan. Our aim as a company is to act as a medium in which we are able to bridge the gap between our Jordanian culture, and other cultures abroad, through exchange student programs. After coming across several organizations through excessive and thorough research, we have found your organization to be of the highest standards in this field. Amidst the period in which you were able to host thousands of international students, the importance of global exposure has peaked here in Jordan. Because our world is becoming increasingly multicultural, it will serve our upcoming generation of students well in the future, to be able to communicate and interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds, across the world.
On behalf of highway, we are eager to serve Jordanian students and provide them with exceptional cultural opportunities. We believe that with our local resources, and your valuable experience, we will be able to develop an innovative program, available for young Jordanian adults, and University students. When interviewing eligible candidates for the program, we can first verify his/her identification. Our spacious environment and appropriate facilities will ensure that such processes, will operate smoothly. In addition, we are able to provide visas for students who will be participating in the programs, such as the *****. Noting that our company is well acquainted with various universities here in Jordan, we guarantee that *company name* will develop a reputation as the best student exchange program in the country. Moreover, Jordan has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 63% of our population under the age of 30. Hence, allocating your services here would guarantee the interest of our ambitious youth. We are happy to further discuss this proposal and hope to hear from you soon.

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Kamal Gardens

  Kamal Gardens is a non-profit organization, founded in the year 2006. The word Kamal originated from the Arabic language, which means perfection, and this summarizes the vision and goal of the Gardens; that is seeing them as perfect souls who deserve a perfect living. The purpose of Kamal Gardens is to provide a job […]

Nahda for Translation and Immigration services

  Nahda Office family business was founded in 1945 by the late Kamal Saman Odeh. The office was originally known as Nahda Center for teaching foreign languages, typing, vocational and computer courses. In addition, the center offered translation services and was one of the first centers in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan to provide sworn […]